Activities: Past, Present & Future

Happy 4th of July! It’s warm out and the sun is shining. I believe I brought back the Texas weather with me. Thank you to all my volunteers and staff that assisted in activities while I was on vacation. I really enjoyed my time with family however I missed everyone here. I am so happy to be back at Winslow House and spending time with my friends, the residents and staff.  Also, thank you everyone for following our Winslow House Care Center’s Facebook page. The residents love to get their pictures taken during activities knowing their friends and family can see all the fun they are having. Check out our new website as well. Please visit to receive all the latest up to date information. I will post our monthly activity calendars and our newsletter on this website. If you would like to receive our newsletter via e-mail please subscribe and it will be sent to you automatically. This will be our last paper copy of the newsletter that we will be sending out via mail unless you do not have an e-mail address and still wish to have a paper copy sent to you. I would however need to know that you like to continue to receive a paper copy before the end of July.

For July we have planned an event around National Motorcycle Day which is July 13th. We are having a motorcycle show at 10am.  If you, or someone you know, has a motorcycle and would like to display it at our motorcycle show, please contact me to register and secure a spot in the event. Following the show we will be having a cookout and enjoying some wonderful piano music with Dave Poggenklass. If you wish you may also stay and be your loved ones guest at one of our exciting Food Demonstration activities, which will be held at 3pm, with our very own Chef Kevin. He puts on quite a show and the residents really enjoy trying all the different foods he prepares.   We would also like to ensure that we have ample amount of food for our cookout that day. Meal RSVP's as well as motorcycle registration are due by July 10th and you may contact me at Winslow House or via e-mail to sign up.


Elisha Lathrop- Recreation Program Director