This month I wanted to take the time to introduce you to our new Director of Nursing, Leha Rubel.

Leha comes with great experience as she has been an RN for over 15 years. She has worked at other Long-term care Centers as well as worked as a floor Nurse in a smaller Hospital in Elkader, IA. While there, Leha worked many different shifts in many different departments there such as the Emergency room, Cardiology floor, and pediatrics, but she always seemed to circle back and enjoy the geriatric patients most.

Being a Nurse keeps Leha busy, but she does not get much of a break when she is not at work since she is a mother of five little ones, has a dog named Oreo, and a cat named Jerry. When with her family, Leha enjoys playing games of any sort with her kids, she says she has a competitive streak in her, so watch out!

Winslow House looks forward to having her with us and continuing to provide kind, compassionate care to our lovely residents.

Bridget Martin, Administrator