As the world starts to open, PLEASE be advised that COVID-19 is still very much in our midst. It is still on the up rise with new cases climbing in Iowa and other parts of the USA. The rules still apply; please continue social distancing at work and especially in your private lives. Continue to wear masks and eye protection (with side protection) while at work, and masks when you are out in the community. You have no way of knowing where the person in the checkout line just ahead of you has been. Use hand sanitizer at work and carry some with you when you are out in the community. Our residents’ lives and healthiness depend on your decisions. Our residents’ families are so pleased that you all have done such a good job keeping COVID-19 out of our building. Infection control begins with our staff. Let’s continue to be consistent with our efforts. Thank you everyone for all you have done and all you are continuing to do. Thank you for being awesome health care workers!

Gina Wendel, Director of Nursing