To our residents and family members:

We understand that the past few months have been challenging due to the emergence of the COVID-19 virus and the additional safety precautions that have been put in place because of the virus, such as the limitation of in-person visits to our facility. We also understand that, although these precautions were necessary to protect the safety of your loved one, not being able to visit in person has been especially challenging. We appreciate your patience and the sacrifice you have made to help protect your loved one during the COVID-19 crisis by not visiting in person.

I am pleased to report that the state of Iowa is implementing a phased approach to safely reopening long-term care facilities to visitation. The purpose of this phased approach is to provide as safe a pathway as possible to resident and family visits. There will be three phases for transitioning to reopening for visitation based on a facility’s current COVID-19 status.

At Winslow House Care Center we are currently at Phase One in the state’s reopening plan. This means that:

  • The following types of visits are allowed effective immediately:
    • Compassionate care situations restricted to end-of-life and psychosocial needs.
    • Under limited and controlled conditions, coordinated by the facility, in consideration of social distancing and universal source control (example: window visits) Note: These limited and controlled visitations is at the discretion of the facility.
  • The following types of visits still are NOT allowed to protect the safety of residents:
    • Window visits with the window open
    • Outside visits

We will continue to keep you informed as we work through this phased reopening, and we will let you know each time we reach a new phase in the process and the visitation options available at each phase.

Please contact Dallas Urbain at 319-377-8296 or with any questions about arranging visits during this new transition.


Dallas Urbain, Administrator