Happy August!

Throughout the month of August, there are various special days we will celebrate with crafts, games, and other fun programs. Some of these include a watermelon craft, mini golf, ring toss, daffodil art project, ice cream sandwich, and creamsicle social.

August is “family fun” month - for those that are able and would like to participate, on Sunday August 30th starting at 9 am through 11 am, bring a sign of any kind to show your loved one outside their room window and wave hello! Of course, we ask you to practice social distancing, and encourage the use of masks. If there are any items you would like to bring as a "care package" to your loved one, these can be dropped off at the front door where someone will assist with delivery. If you would like to chat with your loved one, feel free to call them on their personal device or schedule a call ahead of time for this day. You can RSVP to this event by contacting me at (319) 377-8296 or emailing Lblekeberg@winslowhousecarecenter.com. There are also more time slots available during the evenings on August 11th and 26th to schedule a FaceTime, Zoom, or phone call. We look forward to staying connected!

Leah Blekeberg, Recreation Program Director